Every French region has its proper regional culinary offering with local roots. Thonon and its Chablais region are part of this France of gastronomy. Whether fishes from Lake Geneva; perches, féras, arctic chars, pikes for instance... or meats, pork products, saucissons, atriaux, cured or smoked ham, fillet of duck breast, foie gras or cheese specialities, we will treat you to our culinary tradition.



Cold meats
Cold meatsCold meats
Foie gras
Foie grasFoie gras


Fished from Lake Geneva

Perch filet
Perch filet
Fera filet
Fera filetFera filet
Cooking pot of creyfish
Cooking pot of creyfishCooking pot of creyfish

Cheese specialities

Le berthoud
Le berthoudLe berthoud
La fondue
La fondueLa fondue
La raclette
La racletteLa raclette



Rhubarb tart
Rhubarb tart Rhubarb tart
Molten chocolate cake
Molten chocolate cake Molten chocolate cake
Strawberry tart
Strawberry tartStrawberry tart

Don’t miss the famous cheese platter



Chablais Aviron Thonon

Base Nautique des Clerges,
74200 Thonon-les-Bains, France

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