All year Thonon offers a wide cultural panel of events. Maison des Arts du Léman and Maurice Novarina theatre set the programming. You can enjoy 2 famous festivals Fondus du Macadam and Montjoux Festival. Several museums will quench your thirst of culture one of them is dedicated to modern art, another one to preservation and exhibition of local heritage and the third one takes visitors into the universe of fishermen of Lake Geneva area accross the ages.



Visitation chapel

Visitation chapel - Thonon
Visitation chapelVisitation chapel


It's a legacy site dedicated to modern art and its awareness. In a splendid setting, the Visitation chapel is home to exhibitions putting the spotlight on domestic or international major names of modern art as well as budding artists.






Museum of Chablais

Museum of Chablais - Thonon
Museum of ChablaisMuseum of Chablais


It was created in 1863 and established inside the vaulted cellars of the Sonnaz castle. This museum is dedicated to the preservation and exhibition of Chablais region heritage. Aportion of the collections is the target of three permanent exhibits: "Feeling portrait of Marguerite Peltzer", "The border: stories of smuggling operations" and "Small boats of Lake Geneva: the chronicle of an over sailing". Each year a temporary exhibit makes visitors discover an emblematic period or artist in the history of the Chablais region. This museum, ran by the town council, is located very near the town hall. It offers a breathtaking panoramic view on Lake Geneva and Swiss Jura. The permanent exhibits of the Musée du Chablais make you sail on board of the small boats typical of Lake Geneva with lateen sails. Find out the ploys of smugglers and the goods seized by the customs officers. Dive into the word of Marguerite Peltzer; a sculptor.



Ecomuseum dedicated to fishing and Lake Geneva

Ecomuseum dedicated to fishing and Lake Geneva - Thonon
Ecomuseum dedicated to fishing and Lake Geneva


The ecomuseum dedicated to fishing and Lake Geneva is nestled in the heart of the port of professional fishermen in Thonon-les-Bains. Its visitors dive into the universe of Lake Geneva fishermen across ages.Located within three workman's huts, it is alive with these professional fishermen. The public can admire their work. You will find out the working conditions of professional fishermen until the 1950s when the first outboard engines appeared. Previously fishermen can only rely on winds and their muscles power to make their boat moving off. Thanks to a workman's hut with four aquariums and an exhibit dedicated to stuffed water birds, you will find out the diverse animal species that live near the lake. They constitute a fragile ecosystem to be preserved.



Etrave gallery

Etrave gallery - Thonon
Etrave galleryEtrave gallery


This 300 m2 exhibition area gathers four yearly exhibits. These one put the spotlight on creative photography from a local, national and cross-border viewpoint. These exhibits supplement the cultural offering of the town along with the Visitation chapel and a modern art area. This cultural site is located at the garden level of the Maurice Novarina theatre.






Maurice Novarina theatre

Maurice Novarina theatre - Thonon
Maurice Novarina theatreMaurice Novarina theatre



Built in 1961 by Maurice Novarina; an architect, in a beautiful site with a panoramic viewpoint on Lake Geneva, every season, the Maurice Novarina theatre offers a richly diverse program with plays, dance shows, concerts, rock music, humoristic shows, songs, jazz, opera, cinema... You can enjoy almost fortyish shows, yearly events given at Thonon and Evian.


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