General FISA regulation


Health and travel insurance

For all rowers and members of official crews:

Rule 21 - Health
Each member federation shall ensure that their rowers have a state of health and fitness which allows them to compete at a level commensurate with the competition level of the particular event. Member federations are responsible for ensuring that all rowers comply with Rules 99 and its Bye-Laws.


Rule 99 – Health of Rowers
The health and safety of the participants in the sport of rowing is of utmost concern. FISA has adopted the Olympic Movement Medical Code and its principles and follows all general principles recognised in international codes of medical ethics.

1.1 All rowers competing in the World Rowing Junior, Under 23 and Senior Championship regattas must have completed a precompetition health screening which includes a questionnaire, a physical examination and an ECG following the IOC’s recommended procedure. It is the responsibility of the member federation to ensure and certify that these Pre-competition Health Screening procedures have been performed and be able to provide evidence thereof if requested by FISA.

1.2 All rowers competing in the World Rowing Junior, Under 23 and
Senior World Championship regattas must complete the medical questionnaire and undergo a medical examination each year, and, inaddition, must undergo a resting ECG every three years up to the ageof 23, and every five years after the age of 23.

1.3 For all other events, including the World Rowing Coastal Championships and World Rowing Masters Regattas, it is strongly recommended that rowers competing in these events undergo this
Pre-competition Health Screening.

Rule 22 - Insurance
Each member federation is responsible to ensure that each rower and team official has adequate medical and accident insurance as well as insurance covering liability, property and equipment.


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